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Things to make you happy in Roundhay

5 things to do to improve wellbeing.

We love our wonderful suburb, Roundhay! Which is why we’ve put together some fun and relaxing activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re just visiting or a resident here - there’s so many great things to do in Roundhay to make you happy!

1. Join Roundhay Runners

Run around Roundhay park with Roundhay Runners who meet every Thursday to share their passion for running.

Join the team on their website here!

2. Yoga Bowl

Indulge in a Banyan Roundhay Yoga bowl that boasts a balanced & nutritious vegan lunch that is crafted to charge your body with power.

Book at table here.

3. Potter down to Jackrabbits

Get crafty at Jackrabbits Pottery that is known to be a fun & relaxing painting activity that can be enjoyed by children and adults!

Visit their website here.

4. Tropical World!

Visit some adorable animals and creatures then stop off at Banyan Street Lane and indulge in our delicious burgers or our must have veggie dishes.

Visit the website here.

5. Being at one with nature.

Roundhay Park is a brilliant place to explore and feel at one with nature; with the lake & multiple parks to large landscapes it creates a peaceful and pleasurable space to enjoy natures beauty. Don't forget to bring your pooch & drop in to see us at Banyan for a treat for your furry friend!