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Things to make you happy in Horsforth

5 things to do to improve wellbeing.

We love Horsforth. Which is why we’ve put together some fun and relaxing activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re just visiting or a resident here - there’s so many great things to do to make you happy!

1. Japanese Gardens

Take a trip to the beautiful Japanese Gardens in Horsforth Hall park. Enjoy a relaxing & tranquil walk through the garden and if you’re lucky you can see the beautiful Coy Carp!

2. A Macha made in heaven

Treat yourself to a nutritious Macha Latte at Banyan – they’re heavenly! The perfect beverage to calm the mind & relax the body.

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3. Potter down to Firefly

Get crafty at Firefly Pottery! They are known to have fun & relaxing craft activities that can be enjoyed by all ages!

Visit their website here.

4. Kirkstall Abbey

Calling all history fanatics! Kirkstall Abbey has immense history from the middle ages and is still standing to this day; the perfect trip.

Visit the website here.

5. Picnic

What about a picnic? Horsforth park has loads of land & parks that enable picnic lovers to pack their basket anywhere!